CO-OP Work

Chicago Public Library, Toman Branch (Stephen Rankin Associates, P.C.)

General Information

Duration: 6 Months On and Off, Project Not Yet Completed
Academic Level: College, Fifth Year, Spring and Summer Quarter CO-OP
2D Drawing Medium: Computer Generated with AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop
3D Drawing Medium: Computer Generated with AutoCAD, Form•Z, and Adobe Photoshop

Program Information

This project adds a large 10,000 square foot addition to the existing 5,000 square foot Toman Branch Library, which was built in 1927. The library serves the bustling Hispanic neighborhood of Little Village on Chicago's west side. The existing library is too small to accommodate the number of books necessary, and has no provisions for computer access or large community gatherings. The new library will have a large community room, space for computer terminals, a parking lot, and a much more open atmosphere overall.

Personal Requirements

The Chicago Public Library has an established look for the exteriors and interiors of their new libraries. Because this project involves an existing building, the look of the addition was made to fit with it, while also maintaining the Public Library's design precedent. Datum lines were pulled from the existing library, and the arched windows generated the barrel vaulted tower at the new entry. There is no mistaking what is new and what is old, but they have a dialogue with one another through similar materials and horizontal axes. Personal duties included designing the exterior elevations, the terrazzo flooring pattern, and portions of the site plan, along with generating all of the following presentation drawings.


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