New York Central/Big Four, Whitewater Division - Indiana & Ohio, Brookville Subdivision


Former New York Central, Whitewater Division to New Castle, IN

Standard gauge line opened in 1862

Downtown terminal: Baymiller Street Station (5th & Baymiller Streets)

In limited local use, all track restricted to 10 mph or less


The Brookville sub-division is the original property of the Indiana & Ohio. Purchased in 1978, it sees regular traffic from its primary customer in Brookville, Owens-Corning. The railroad was never a busy mainline and always had one foot in the grave being subjected to regular flooding by the Whitewater River. Today, the railroad is periodically washed out by the river in places. Once the New York Central Railroad's Whitewater Division, it runs from Valley Junction near North Bend to New Castle, Indiana. Today, all of the railroad is intact, except for a short segment between Brookville and Metamora. From Metamora to Connersville, the line is operated by the Whitewater Valley Scenic Railroad. North of Connersville to New Castle, it is operated by the Connersville & New Castle RR. I&O usually operates five days per week, depending on traffic. An engine house is located in Brookville, although operations are often based at Valley Junction. The entire Brookville sub is designated as "FRA excepted track" and thus is limited to 10 mph.


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