College Projects

Cincinnati Center for the Study of the Separation of Church and State (CCSSCS)

General Information

Duration: 5 Weeks for Design and Presentation
Academic Level: College, Fifth Year, Winter Quarter
2D Drawing Medium: Computer Generated With PowerCADD 2000
Rendering Medium: Colored Pencil on Paper over Form•Z Wire-Frame

Program Information

The CCSSCS is situated at a very prominent corner in downtown Cincinnati. St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, the Plum Street Temple, and City Hall are all at this intersection. There is currently a small, run down auto repair shop on this site, and the CCSSCS is intended to bring a more important civic building to this very visible location. The program consists of several exhibition spaces and a large assembly hall for presentations. These spaces, and a few classrooms, are to accommodate school field trips. Much of the rest of the building is devoted to research, with a large library and several offices. A parking garage is located in the basement, as well as storage spaces for exhibition materials.

Personal Requirements

This studio focused on using classical design principles to achieve harmony and sophistication in modern designs. To achieve that, the plan and elevations of the CCSSCS made extensive use of primary shapes and simple geometries. The plan is a square, comprised of nine equal size squares, the center one being a full height atrium. This central core is the primary circulation and public gathering space for the building. The building's elevation reflects the nine square theme, but it is only half as tall as it is wide. A half circle is inscribed in the center, creating a glassed entry and sky-lit reading space for the third floor library.












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