Louisville & Nashville, Wilder Main - CSX, Louisville Division, LCL Subdivision


Formerly part of the Louisville & Nashville LCL Subdivision (Short Line)

Standard gauge line opened in 1869

Downtown terminal: Pan Handle Station (Pearl & Butler Streets)

Dismantled north of former C&O line in Newport, KY


The former L&N Wilder Main was originally part of the LCL "Short Line" main until the crossing of the line to Corbin at Latonia Junction was removed in the mid-1980's. This important, albeit short piece of railroad hosts a major online customer in Newport Steel and handles several daily coal trains operating between the former L&N to Corbin and the former C&O to Russell. The line used to cross the C&O at NX Cabin near Monmouth Street and continue north down the middle of Saratoga Street in Newport and across the Ohio River to junction with the Pennsylvania/Little Miami Railroad at the foot of Mt. Adams in Cincinnati. The tracks were removed in 1985, but the bridge remains and is now the pedestrian only Purple People Bridge.


Photographs from Newport, KY


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