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PRR - Pennsylvania Railroad, Waterfront Belt Line
Historic aerial of the Kenyon-Barr area of the near West End, now Queensgate, showing numerous railroad facilities, looking southeast, probably in the early 1960s. The CH&D terminal area is at the top left and is now mostly empty. The former Indianapolis & Cincinnati, later Big Four CIND "ditch" track in the old Cincinnati & Whitewater canal can be seen in the trench below all the streets. The C&O viaduct can be seen at the far top right. The viaduct snaking arcorss the right side of the photo, with a truss bridge running at a diagonal across the multitude of tracks and Carr Street was a direct connection from the B&O Midland, C&O of Indiana, and the Southern Railway's McLean Avenue yard to the Pennsylvania's Waterfront Belt Line and the the B&O freight warehouse at Longworth Hall, along with the Southern's freight terminal at Vine Street.
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