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PRR - Pennsylvania Railroad, Waterfront Belt Line
Old viaduct support pier along Dalton Avenue in Queensgate, looking west towards Price Hill. This pier supported a viaduct that connected most of the west side railroads to the east side of town via Front Street (now Mehring Way). The viaduct turned sharply west/away from here and descended to ground level off to the right to connect with the B&O (former CH&D) line this train is on. The CH&D Baymiller Street Station was just a few blocks to the left, and this was the location of their yards. The Big Four and B&O SW approach to Central Union Depot via the route of the Cincinnati & Whitewater Canal is behind/left of the support pier, and about another 10-15 feet lower as they are on the bottom of the canal bed.
Date: 04-10-2003 | File Name: 0002_BaltimoreOhio-4.jpg