College Projects

The Instrumental Moods Music Club

General Information

Duration: 6 Week Design Period, 1.5 Weeks for Final Presentation
Academic Level: College, Freshman Year, Spring Quarter
Drawing Medium: Ink on Mylar
Model Medium: Foam Board with Applied Paper and Crescent Board Coverings

Program Information

For this project, each student chose a particular music type to design an appreciation club for. In this case, the music type is New Age. This was essentially an interior design project, so the exterior of the structure was not developed. The existing post and beam structure could not be removed either. The bulk of the space is for the main performance hall, while ancillary spaces are used for personal listening booths, music libraries and various lounging and service areas.

Personal Requirements

One of the central themes of New Age music is nature, and one of the most powerful symbols of nature is the flame. This design incorporates the flame as represented by the radial skylight on the roof of the building. The pattern is repeated on the floors which culminate in the building's central performance hall. The plans show how this radiating pattern drives the layout of the rest of the space, which not only links it horizontally, but vertically as well.





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