Art Work

Ravenswood Avenue

General Information

Academic Level: College, Freshman Year, Summer Quarter
Drawing Medium: Pencil on Paper

Purpose of Drawing

This drawing represents a number of hours of free time spent experimenting with pencil drawing. It was done simply to use up free time, and also hone artistic abilities. This scene was the next drawing after Old Cincinnati, and it represents a much greater attention to detail and greater investment in time. This is also an attempt to create an imaginary street scene based on actual precedent. In this case, the scene is based on an industrial section of Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago. Going through this section of the city twice a day on the train allowed ample time to study the architectural character of the area. Since Ravenswood Avenue is right along the railroad tracks there are many old industrial buildings lining it. Many of these buildings have rough Limestone foundations with red or brown bricks and elegant detailing.


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