CO-OP Work

Indianapolis Home Addition/Remodeling (RWA Architects, Inc.)

General Information

Duration: 3 Months On and Off, Project Completed
Academic Level: College, Third Year, Spring Quarter CO-OP
Drawing Medium: Computer Generated with PowerCADD 4 (Notes Left Off for Clarity)

Program Information

This project is almost a complete rebuilding of a large Tudor house in Indianapolis. This residence is being doubled in size, adding a new master suite, garage, family room and upstairs bedrooms while the existing kitchen and other spaces in the house are remodeled and brought up to code.

Personal Requirements

Because this is such a large project, no one person could handle the whole thing. There were routinely four or five people in the office working on it at any one time. Personal responsibilities included drawing up the elevations from field measurements and updating them as the design of the building was changed and refined.

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