College Projects

Clifton Community Library

General Information

Duration: 5 Week Design Period, 2 Weeks for Final Presentation
Academic Level: College, Freshman Year, Winter Quarter
Drawing Medium: Ink on Mylar
Model Medium: Foam Board and Basswood on a Cardboard Base 

Program Information

The Clifton Community Library is a project that would be built along one edge of a large park in Cincinnati. There were specific requirements for the main room, children's area and other service and support spaces. The driving force behind the design of this building came from a random selection of design elements, as was stipulated in the program. The preselected requirements for this building are that it had to be a cellular assembly, orthogonal with a few curves, it needed to have a linear space datum and an aedicule.

Personal Requirements

The linear space datum is acting as the curved element, creating a powerful and dynamic circulation spine. Because the site is located in an older area of Cincinnati, it seemed appropriate to take the architecture of the area into consideration. The building addresses both the sidewalk and the parking lot in order to provide an equally important entrance for both pedestrians and drivers. The use of large outdoor spaces also creates inviting reading areas where patrons may enjoy the beauty of the park while still being within the libraries built environment.







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